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Project DIOS in 2005

All efforts paid to the project in 2005 were concentrated on the development of on-line accessible environment in the form of web portal, supported with adequate set of database and analytic software tools. The project also went through validation project on Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute and all key components were validated during pilot collection of real clinical data.

Nowadays the project is supported by:

  • fully accessible on-line portal with interconnected software components
  • multiple database systems designed for running of multi-centric registries or - if required - even international projects
  • analytic SW tools supporting planning of chemotherapy regimes and reporting on reached dose-intensity profile

Project DIOS in 2006

Project tools must be presented, reviewed and guaranteed by Czech Society for Oncology and afterwards, all tools can be recommended to oncologists working in three possible regimes:

  • educational regime (namely central library of CHT therapy guidelines and associated SW visualization)
  • local dose-intensity calculator and therapy organizer
  • platform for multi-centric registries focused on health care quality, therapy guidelines and monitoring

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